The vast majority of consumers will surely become the rather less than proud owners of the mangled remnants of a once valued asset, now referred to simply as a junk car, at some point in time. What to do with it and how to drop their investment may appear overwhelming at first, but with a little innovation and legwork, even the most wrecked of vehicles can be transformed into a nice sum of money. There are a few options for getting the money and moving on to the next one. All that is required is the motivation to do so, as well as an analysis of what that pile of rubbish in your garden actually signifies.

Unless fully destroyed by fire, any vehicle will have some pieces that someone somewhere would want to get at a low cost. The Internet lifts its figurative hand once more and urges, “Try me.” Craigslist appears to be at the top of my picks for some reason. Offering salvaged and sold parts for a fraction of their replacement costs might often take as little as a few days before phone calls start coming in. A visit to eBay’s want advertising might also be time and effort well spent. No matter how common or obviously worthless the remaining salvageable pieces to your “junker” appear to be, there is always the possibility that someone out there may take it off your hands for a low price. Remember that the more locally you focus your search, the more profit there will be. Trying to export a full back passenger door 1500 miles away will not result in much, if any, money in your pocket.

The simplest and most straightforward method would be to contact a local junk dealer or vehicle salvage yard and explain exactly what you have and what you want to do with it. Granted, you won’t get as much as a package price as you would if you parted it out piece by piece, but there’s a lot to be said about letting someone else do all of the labor that is required to deconstruct the body of your previous ride and either resell it or use it themselves. For my money and effort, the first choice on the list is to contact a reputable vehicle salvage yard. It is the most convenient way to find out where to get cash for junk car.